María Teresa Trombetta

Born in Venezuela


1999-2000: Comtemporany Art.

1997-1999: Craff Art school: Glass fusion, enemels for glass fusion, plaster of paris moulds, ceramic mural, airbrush techniques,

1972-91:Cristobal Rojas School of Visual Arts: Vitreous enamelin, scultpture, jewellery, drawing, ceramics.


Individual Exhibitions

1995: ”Glass and The Ocean” The Czechoslovakian Embassy. Caracas - Venezuela.

          “Shapes from the Sea” Morrocoy Azul Art Gallery. El Hatillo – Venezuela.


Selected Public and Gallery Exhibitions

2000: National Exposition of Glass. Valencia-Venezuela.

        Small Glass II Caracas-Venezuela.

        XXVIII National Exposition or Craff and Art. Valencia-Venezuela

        Exposition of fine Art. The Venezuelan National Council of the Arts.

        “Vitrum en Espiral “ Cristobal Rojas School of the Visual Arts.

1999:National Exposition of Craff and  Art. Valencia-Venezuela

        Small Glass. Caracas-Venezuela.

        XXVII National Exposition of Craff and Art.Valencia-Venezuela

        “AVAP SOMOS TODOS” The Venezuelan Art Association. Caracas-Venezuela

“Fired smooth”. A travelling exposition. The Venezuelan National Council of  the Arts.

1998:  XXVI National Exposition or Craff and Art. Valencia-Venezuela.

1997: XXV  National Exposition of Craff and  Art. Valencia-Venezuela.

        National Exposition of Glass.  Contemporary  Art   museum –Venezuela.

1996: XXIV  National Exposition or Craff and Art.

        “AVAP SOMOS TODOS. The Venezuelan Art Association.


1995 :An Encounter of Shapes” Industry Bank of Venezuela

“60 Ideas” The Athenaeum of Valencia-Venezuela

15 years of AVAF (Venezuelan Association of craff). Traveling exposition.

The Municipal Art Gallery: Athenaeum of Caracas.

1994: “Transparent Lights”. Venezuela University Gallery.

“Ideas in Glass, presente tendencies” The National Foundation for the Art. Venezuela.

1993: Expressions in Clay and Glass. The Orinoco Foundation. Venezuela.

“The Firt Exposition of Sculture”. Contraloría General de Venezuela

1986” Fire and Arts” Cristobal Rojas School of the Visual Arts”

1975”Biennial of the departament of Public Administration.  Venezuela


International expositions

2000-National expositions of Glass –Buenos Aires- Argentina

1999- Expositions of Glass-Berazategui-Argentina

1998- Mon Petit. Puerto Rico U.S.A.



1997: Second award Carabobo Universty and First Award Accesit.( " Segundo Premio Universidad de Carabobo y Accesit al primer premio”)

1999: First Award National exhibition craff and art of Venezuela.

2000: First Award of II National Glass exhibition


Teaching and Related Activities:

President of  National Exposition of Glass of Venezuelan –1997

Vitrum Glass a group for research in the artistic use of glass, founding menber.

Member: The Venezuelan Art Association, AVAP.

               The Venezuelan Association of Craff

               The Carabobeña Association of Craff

Glass I,  manual, co-author.

Instructor, facilitator  and workshop in the artistic use of glass: School of Craff,

                 The Venezuelan National Council of the Arts.

                 Cristobal Rojas School of th Visual arts.


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